Work safe. Serve others.

Investing in Safety

KEMI is committed to promoting safer workplaces throughout Kentucky. In addition to the library of resources we offer, KEMI provided the following safety services in 2017:

  • 220 KEMI safety training classes provided

  • 6,169 individuals attended a KEMI safety training class

  • 1,898 were trained in CPR

  • 433 multimedia safety presentations completed on

  • Recognized fourteen policyholders with the KEMI Destiny Award for their workplace safety success


CPR Training Saves Lives

On July 14, 2017, two City of Covington employees were working at Kenny Shields Park when they discovered a person who was face down in a puddle of water and mud. Department of Public Improvement employees Zach Sullivan and William Thompson responded quickly by calling 9-1-1 and administering CPR – training they had just completed with KEMI less than a month prior – and once they started compressions the victim showed signs of life. They continued CPR until first responders arrived, and the victim was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

“We never know when an emergency will occur,” said Bob Stark, risk manager for the city, “but thanks to proper training these two men were able to assess the situation and respond accordingly, saving another man’s life.”

We care about our community.

Charlie's Second Chance

Charlie spent more than 30 years in prison. Following his release in 2015, Charlie applied for a program through Advance Lexington called Jobs for Life. As part of the program, Charlie attended a KEMI safety training class and made quite an impression on Zach Boggs, a KEMI loss education and safety representative.

Charlie's story is one of hard work, helping hands and second chances. Watch it here.

I commend KEMI for offering time for employees to perform volunteer work. This shows that we have a passion for making the local community and the world a better place. That motive spills over into everything we do as a company.